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Encon Commercial provides FREE real estate advisory and brokerage services to warehousing distribution companies throughout Greater San Diego Los Angeles, Orange County and the Inland Empire. The Encon team of real estate brokers prides themselves on achieving superior logistic facilities at substantially lower fixed costs to our clients. The Encon Commercial directive identifies ideal distribution centers and positions for our clients to take advantage of competition from landlords for quality tenants. What can you learn from our strategic and proven leasing process, and what valuable insight can Encon Commercial lend your company on the next expansion phase?


Access a comprehensive online resource of logistics and warehousing related articles, compiled in an easy down loadable format for warehouse manager, logistics freight specialists and those interested in keeping up with Southern California’s ever changing logistic and distribution environment.
If you are currently looking for a distribution facility with access to Los Angeles or Long Beach ports, the Encon Commercial online library is a valuable resource to become informed on the latest trends, initiatives and best practices in logistics and warehouse management in San Diego.

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